About Us

Luv4Cru Branding and Company, LLC was launched in 2020. Founded and based in Atlanta Georgia. Luv4Cru is an extension of personal style and taste, blending comfort and luxury together making the brand a force to be reckoned with. Luv4Cru Branding and Co comes with an extreme attention to detail which we know will set it apart from other local or worldwide brands.


The brand understands and respects the work ethic it requires to compete with its contemporaries. The Cru is not shy about its high level of sophistication put into the brands vision. “It has to be in you not on you” says CEO CruJay. But the combination of those elements will elevate you to superstar status. Inner Peace, confidence along with the ability to Evolve is Key. The brand represents being well rounded. The “power of hands” plays a big role in the Brands logo. Its a self explanatory way of expressing the Luv for humanity the Cru has for the culture. Family, dedication, loyalty, community service, inspiration and hard work. Extending helping hands in the world is the brands mission. The each one teach one mentality plays a strong role within the core values of the brand.


Luv4Cru acronyms is Life, Understanding, Values, Creatively, Restoring, Unity. From High quality T-Shirts to Luxury style Tracksuits, as the culture grows so will the company. L4C will continue to elevate because we trust the process of what we are trying to create within the fashion industry.


Its Luv4Cru in everything we do!